Thursday, August 13, 2009

8th Month of Pregnancy

I'm now about 34 weeks preggy. As you can see, the baby clothes have all come out of storage. So exciting to see all those tiny clothes again. Can you tell I'm getting impatient? I'll only get more impatient as the weeks roll by.

Why am I impatient? Afterall, these are the few weeks left I have of uninterrupted sleep right? The few weeks left I have of being diaper free. The few weeks left I have of having normal size breasts. The few weeks left of having my arms free from weights. The few weeks left I have with dealing with 3 kids instead of 4.

Well, I'm getting impatient because this bump is getting really uncomfortable. I can't sit or lie down comfortably. Plus, it's difficult to do things. I'm out of breath a lot. My ears are stuck the whole day (don't know why). And I can't wait to get rid of this diabetes so I can eat my favorite desserts again. Oh, I also am tired of trying to remember to count baby's movements. AND tired of going to the clinic so often for checkups.

The clinic here gave me a referral letter to go to the Sg. Buloh hospital to make an appointment with the specialist. They said it was necessary at 34 weeks. So off I went last week. Must remember to wear a mask next time I go because of the H1N1 cases. They took a blood sample and told me to come back on the 26/8. So, now I have my checkup at the clinic on the 18/8 where I also do my BSP test the same day (which means going to the clinic 4 times that day to get my finger poked). Then I have to go to the clinic again the next day to meet with the doctor who will go through the results of the BSP test. The week after that I have to go to the Sg. Buloh hospital to meet with the specialist. And the week after that is my checkup again at the clinic. Sigh! Sooooo many visits to the clinic and doctors. Hopefully the doctor at the hospital do not ask me to go there for checkup too. If not I'll be going for checkup here and checkup there (sounds like "Old McDonald Had a Farm").

Okay, some of the things I'm grateful for:
  • I don't have high blood pressure
  • I don't suffer from heartburns
  • I don't have edema
Need to do:
  • Buy newborn diapers
  • Pack my bag for the hospital
  • Get diaper rash cream
  • Get new rubber thingy for the baby tub
What I hope for:
  • Quick delivery
  • Normal delivery
  • No tearing
  • Good doctors and nurses
  • Be able to bear the pain once again
  • Baby doesn't stay inside past due date


  1. Wow! Those lovely baby clothes. It brings back sweet memories. Hope all your wishes come true for your delivery.

  2. a&a'smom18 August, 2009 22:28

    Will be praying for ur speedy & safe delkivery, dear!

  3. Hi Lian,

    Sorry I have not been blog reading for a while, and I didn't even know that you are pregnant with No. 4, CONGRATULATIONS and I feel excited for you too. I love babies and my ideal number was to have 4, and glad that you are there now... :D

    Take care and wish you a safe delivery.


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