Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Happy 6th Birthday KokoD

KokoD's birthday was on Sunday but we only celebrated yesterday. His special dinner order was Chicken in Mushroom Sauce (I've posted this dish here before so just click on the link if you want to know how to make it). It's a really simply dish but really delish. It was served together with another simple dish of french beans with carrots. Drinks were cincau-soy milk. And the
cake was again my frugal Jelly Cake. I made this cake for them last year and he wanted it again. Jie-jie K's birthday is coming up and she also wants the Jelly Cake, but different flavors and mixed fruit instead of peaches. This may be the standing order for the next few years. Heheheh. I don't mind coz' it's cheap and easy to do.

I got the candles at Tesco. They had it on sale. 1 box was less then RM1. There was even a musical candle.

So, how do I describe this boy of mine who just turned 6?
  • Still active and playful as ever. Can't sit still and can't keep quiet.
  • Has lost his interest for dinosaurs. Instead, it's dragons, Ben 10, guns, swords and Transformers now.
  • Needs plenty of reminders on manners and speaking uplifting words.
  • Still a mama's boy. He still sticks near to me and needs his hugs and cuddles.
  • Very sensitive and gets angry quickly.
  • Can be very helpful and considerate if he wants to.
Happy Birthday KokoD.

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  1. Happy Birthday!! Oh... I love peaches, last week we Celebrated my sister's birthday, and I made a peach-float.. They really loved it.. and of course my sister did too..


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