Saturday, August 15, 2009

Get Kids To Help In The Kitchen

You know, people tell me that I'm lucky to have a girl as the eldest in the family. You know what? They are right. K has been a willing helper in the kitchen and that has lightened my load. The 2 main things I have her do are:
  • wash the rice
  • cut / peel and wash vegetables (see what a good job she is doing with my spinach)
Don't chase your children out of the kitchen. Take time to teach them how to prepare food. They'll make mistakes, it's okay. You'll get beans cut at different lengths, it's okay. They learn through practice.


  1. yes,,we are indeed blessed to have kids who can help us out in the kitchen. but sometimes whn they r in plyaful mode i rather do everything myself instead of having to do double wrk. LOL!

  2. a&a'smom18 August, 2009 22:23

    Already told my boys they r going to help me clean 1kg of ikan bilis this wkend. They r not too happy as they complained it's smelly. Told them fine & so dont eat the really yummy sambal kakak cooks!

  3. I am:
    The important thing is that we at least give them opportunities to learn. But yeah, I understand what you mean. When they get to slow and I'm in a hurry, I also "cut short" their work. Hehe

    a&a's mom:
    Good luck and happy bonding! I also want some of kakak's yummy sambal.


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