Friday, August 21, 2009

Most Loving Sibling Contest

MOBS & ComfyBebe are hosting a contest and it's about Loving Siblings. At this very moment, my 2 boys are playing peacefully together. 5 minutes ago one was yelling at the other. That's just typical of siblings. One minute they are at each others throats, the next minute they are best buddies.

Anyway, I'm to choose one photo that exemplifies these "loving siblings". Here's my choice:

These pictures were taken in June 2007. That time Karina was only 6, Damus was 4 and baby Danic was only 5 months old. Baby still couldn't sit on his own yet and so the other two squashed him in the middle (acted as support) and enjoyed their motorcycle ride. I took this picture because it showed 2 things:
  1. Even though baby was still very young, the older two included him in their play. They took care of him and made sure he was okay which gave mommy time to do other things.
  2. Baby just looked soooo happy to be with his siblings.
There are many more examples of their loving relationship. I try to capture them whenever I can.

BabyD giving his koko kisses. He tags along when I send kokoD to school in the morning. He makes sure to give koko a goodbye kiss before koko gets down from the car.

See how he "manja" with the sister sometimes.

Even till today, the 3 of them will gather in their "playroom" every night and do "stuff". There'll be talking, laughter, shouting, teasing, screaming, fighting, playing etc.

Mamas Parenting Tips on Sibling Rivalry:
  • Don't take sides. It's not who is right but what is right. So stop the finger pointing and blaming. AND don't ever ask "who started it first?" or "who did it?" You're just asking for more trouble.
  • Sometimes I "bench" them all and have them figure out a solution to their problem.
  • Hitting is not tolerated at all. Separate all parties involved until everyone cools down.
  • Remove the cause of the conflict e.g. if they are fighting over a toy, I take it away untill they can tell me a good reason to give it back.
  • Continue to teach tolerance, respect and understanding (even though it seems only the walls are listening).
Latest "sibling bonding" picture:

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  1. Great photos, Lian! They really portray a close knit loving family. Although we know they also fight behind the scenes, hahaha....

    I'm praying for your safe delivery - not long now :-)


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