Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Watch Out for Me On Malaysian Women's Weekly

Last year, I got an email from Malaysian Women's Weekly saying they would like to interview me for an article. I was told the feature would maybe be in the January issue. But then, I heard no news from them after that and didn't see anything on me in the magazine. I wrote to ask what happened and didn't get a reply. So I thought maybe the idea was cut.

Last week, I get a call asking when I would be free for a photo shoot. Imagine my surprise. I can't even remember what the interview was about. I remember faintly that it was about my blog (or was it my online shop?). Aiyoh, this pregnant woman has really lost a lot of brain cells I believe. Well, they were very kind to come out all the way to my home to do the photo shoot. They took some individual shots and also some with my kids.

This is KokoD with the makeup artist. Poor girl got a bit lost trying to find her way to my house. Anyway, I doubt they'll use the photos with KokoD because he became so shy in front of the camera. Either he didn't smile or his eyes would be close.

My living room turned into a photo studio.

Poor me with my big belly had to lie down on the floor for one of the poses. Thank goodness I could get up after that :) But the photographer was a very nice guy. The makeup artist also had to keep dabbing sweat off my face. Sorry-lah, when you are this advanced into pregnancy, you automatically become a heat generator.

Well, not often we get to be in a women's magazine. So I thought I'd let the whole world know. Heheheh. They haven't decided yet which issue this is coming out (Oct 09 onwards). Just keep a lookout for me.

I don't know if I can post some of the photographs up. I'll just post 3 and if they object, I'll just take it down.

(update 1/10/09)): I was told that the pictures will have to wait until the artcle is published. So I'm taking them out till then.


  1. wow u looked so much thinner and younger...the magic of ici or 4th pregnancy...haha..as some women glows during pregnancy guess u ar one of the lucky ones..do buzz when it is out as Women's Weekly is one of my fav mag..and with u in it..I would sure buy a copy even though economy is bad..wahahaha


  2. Ai Lian, you looked pretty in the pictures.Well done.

  3. Molly: Actually, I have lost weight. I think it's because I've cut down on the rice due to the diabetes. It must be obvious because 3-4 other people also commented the same thing. But of course, need the magic of ICI to make me look prettier lah.

    Sheoh Yan: Thanks for the compliment. Need make-up artist and professional photographer to make me look pretty. Hahahah.

  4. I subscribe to the magazine, so I'll definitely look out from now on. :) You look so nice.

  5. Wah! Gosh! OMG!! You look so pretty leh! so slim some more!!!! Jealous lah!

  6. wah....Lian u look so gooood in yur pregnancy ler..contgrats!!!


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