Monday, August 03, 2009

Who Wants A Free Account with ClickN READ or ClickN SPELL?

August is a birthday month in my family. Two of my kids were born on this month. My brother and mom are also born in this month. So, what do we do with a birthday month?

Time for giveaways!

A free account to ClickN READ PHONICS or ClickN SPELL.
2 winners will be chosen.

  1. Leave a comment here on which program you want and why you want it.
  2. Optional: In your blog or website, link to one of the following pages using the given anchor text below. Let me know when you've done the linking.
    • ClickN Read Phonics - link to
    • ClickN Spell kids spelling software - link to

To give everyone a fair chance, I'll be doing a lucky draw on the1st September 2009. So, all entries must be in by 31st August 2009. If you choose the additional option of linking to one of the specified pages, you will have 2 entries instead of 1. Meaning, your chances of winning is higher.

Good luck everyone.

If you want to learn more about what the programs are about, click on the links below:
p.s. Oh, and make sure if you are selected as a winner, I have a way of contacting you to get details so I can set up your free account. Best way is to subscribe to this blog of mine (you'll find the "subscribe me" form on the right-hand bar) so you don't miss the winner announcement.


  1. Hi Ai Lian..yippee another giveaway on your site ;)

    I like to have ClickN READ PHONICS:Learning to read with phonics ...if not BOTH haha..

    I think I need to brush up my phonics before I can teach my kids..

    (Will post up the two links in my blog soon...)
    Btw..this mth is oso both my bro and mom birthday!

  2. hi there..i would love to join in..
    count me in ya..
    already add the link in my blog..not only for the purpose of the giveaway but i found it useful for me in future..

    would love to have both for my sisters..they are having problems in reading and spelling so hope it will help them along later..I have tried my best to help them, this is my another attempt..

  3. Ya...first thanks for the giveaway free gift!

    I like to have the ClickN SPELL, cause my daughter she is 4 years old and the kindergarden teacher is teaching the Phonics.

    We spoke mandarin at home so i will like to have the ClickN Spell to let her practise English.

    Thanks for sharing the good books and articles with us....


  4. Hi there!

    i find the "ClickN READ PHONICS", is a very interesting program. I've try the free lesson n surprisingly i'm amazed with the program.(though i might be to old to used it hehehe..). but i think this program might be useful for those who tried to learn English as their 2nd language.

    my new born daughter might appreciate if i could get the free account for her. it might not been used for now. but i do believe early exposure to information n activity like this may increased the learning interest among children. as the program is online-based, this could also help to develop the ict skills.

    i've add the link at my blog list, as it might be useful to other mummy too.. crossing my finger n hope i could have this! thanks 4 the opportunity!!!

  5. hi dear~ Thanks for giveaway contest 1st.
    i like to have the ClickN READ PHONICS n ClickN SPELL for 3 of my children as their speaking english is not really right because we always talk in cantonese .

    Am going to post this two link to my blog . Am just celebrated my husband n my youngest daughter birthday last month . cheer ~

  6. what a great giveaway hah!
    soo surprise when i saw "who wants a free account with click N read or click n spell?"

    ohhh...for sure ME want it! :)

    OHHH me lurve to have CLICK N READ PHONICS!
    the software is good for the beginner who want to learn phonics! im using "ants on the apple's book" only :)

    ps :
    wanna improve phonics sound since i really want to teach my doter soon!

  7. Hi Ai ur while im blog hoping..nice blog and I've subcribed ur...n made an entry about this giveaway at

    Why I like ur giveaway..because i want both ClickN READ PhONICS and ClickN SPELL PHONICS for my kids..the have a problem with reading and spelling in english.. its meaningful and useful for them.. please pick me up..even this is my last minute entry..hyehehe

  8. Hi Ai Lian..

    Tq fo organizing this contest..

    I would like to have ClickN READ PHONICS because my son is starting to speak so I would like to teach him to speak proper English..

    I already link both link in my blog..tq again:) this is a very useful links..


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