Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Crispy Brinjal with Dried Shrimp and Garlic

There's a restaurant in Ijok (can't remember the name now) that serves this really nice brinjal dish. It's crispy and has dried shrimp and garlic. Not sure if there are other ingredients (probably yes), and I don't think they are going to share their secret recipe with us.

Anyway, thought I'd try to do a dish something like that. I don't know how they cook it until crispy. So I improvised and coated the brinjals with flour first before frying. Turns out okay. Not too bad. DH gives me the thumbs up. The kids didn't want to eat it at first. But once they tried it, they liked it too.

So, here's my recipe:

  • Brinjal (Egg Plant, Aubergine or whatever else you want to call it)
  • Wheat Flour
  • Rice Flour
  • Salt
  • Dried Shrimp (Hokkien call "Hay Bee) - wash and chop it to smaller pieces
  • Garlic - chopped to small pieces too.

How To Cook?
1. Skin the brinjal. Cut them into longish rectangles (refer to picture below). Soak in salt water so it doesn't turn brown.

2. Mix together wheat flour, rice flour and a pinch of salt. How much depends on how much brinjals you are cooking. Coat the cut brinjals with the mixed flour. The brinjals will be a bit wet still so the flour will stick to the brinjals.

3. Deep fry the coated brinjals until golden brown. Set aside.

4. Fry the garlic and dried shrimp until golden brown. Get rid of the oil.

5. Mix the fried brinjals with the garlic and dried shrimp. Sprinkle a bit more salt for taste.


Give it a try and if you improve on it, let me know.


  1. a&a'smom18 August, 2009 22:06

    Oh I have my brinjals sitting & crying in my fridge! Must try it out then. Thxs!

  2. a&a's mom:
    Yeah, do try and let me know how it is. Maybe you'll do a better job than me.


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