Monday, November 08, 2010

Making Thanksgiving Memorable For The Family

When it comes to Thanksgiving, most people look forward to a scrumptious dinner. However, some of you moms might be wondering what you can do to make Thanksgiving a little more memorable (besides dinner). Here are some ideas for you:
  • Have some together time in the kitchen. Bake some cookies and cut them out into the various shapes such as leaves, acorns and turkeys. Decorate it. Make it more meaningful by giving it away to someone who maybe needs some cheer in their life. It could be a friend going through a tough time, a new neighbor, a family who's struggling or someone who can't be with their family this holiday season.

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  • Besides cookies, you can opt for cupcakes or even do some cake decorating. Here is one on how to decorate a turkey cake.
  • Play some printable Thanksgiving games such as bingo, word find and turkey trivia.
  • Don't just sit in front of the tv, get out and do some sports. Get your blood pumping with some flag football, basketball or frisbee.
  • Design together a nice centerpiece for the home. You could do some pumpkin painting, whip out the candles, put leaves in vases, ribbons on gourds and whatever decoration to set the mood in the home.
  • For young kids, you can do a simple craft of a Thanksgiving paper chain. Write on pieces of paper the things they are grateful for and then linked them up like a chain. This can then be part of your house decoration. Another idea is to take a tree branch and put it in a vase. Secure the bottom with pebbles or acorns. Cut out paper in the shape of leaves. Write on them the things you are grateful for. Punch a hole at the top and hang them on the branch to make a Thanksgiving Tree.
  • Write a Thanksgiving letter to each member of the family. These can become keepsakes.
Making Thanksgiving a special occasion is not all that hard. The important ingredient is quality time with family members... and of course good food too.

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