Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Buns for the 3 bears

Made some strawberry jam filled buns the other day. I know I can never go into the baking business because what I make usually don't come out the same size. Just look at these buns, I have big, medium and small sizes. The 3 bears in the Goldilocks story will like them I'm sure. Big for papa bear, medium for mama bear and small for baby bear.

Guess who made the tiny sized bun?

Mamas Parenting Tip

Even though it is easier to do things yourself, you must give your kids opportunities to do stuff too. It may not look as nice, it may take longer, they may create a mess... it's okay. Some good will come out of it... some day.

Sow the seeds, sow the seeds.

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  1. Good tips sharing here. That's why I never fail to have valueble advice from here.


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