Thursday, February 17, 2011

Should Children Do Housework? Cast Your Vote

My DH and me believe that children should be taught to work. We constantly rope them in to help us around the house. We have them wash the car, vacuum the car, help prepare meals, vacuum and mop the floors, hang up the laundry, feed the rabbits etc....

When my 4 year old was happily vacuuming my kitchen the other day, my mom said "This is child labor. I never had you or your brothers do such things."

I know different people have different values, and practice different parenting skills. So I thought I'd have a little fun today to see what most people think about kids doing housework.

I've created a poll. Cast in your vote. Spread the word and invite your friends to have their say too.
The link to this poll is:
(* Voting ends end of April 2011)

If you're here and the voting has ended, you can still have your say by leaving a comment.


  1. you know how I feel about kids and housework esp :) They have to help, they live there, and they will appreciate the lessons later on. Even if we do have a maid (which we don't), I don't want them to think they dont have to lift a finger etc.. :) you're doing AWESOME.. yeah I get some comments from the grandparents too, both sides hehehe

  2. I am training my children as our maid will be leaving for good in May and we don't plan to hire one anymore.

    The children are part of the family and one way they can contribute is by helping on little chore, doesn't matter if it is taking extra time to do it or less than perfection. After all, vacuuming , preparing food etc is good exercise to development their fine and gross motor skills. Most important is they enjoy it, it never seems to be a chore to them.

  3. I have two boys and I am determind that they be a catch for any future partner!

  4. I believe kids should be trained to understand what is responsiblity etc...
    It is a good training...

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  6. It seems like everyone creates different rules and structure for their kids depending on their behavior. Thanks for sharing.


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