Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Traveling Tips For Parents

Chinese New Year is fast approaching. Many families are making trips back to their hometown.
As for me, I have already left to go back to my in-laws. Here are some traveling tips for parents:
  • Make a list of things you need to pack e.g. toothbrush, underwear, telephone charger, camera, patience (hahaha).
  • Get snacks for the trip.
  • Plan some car games e.g. I Spy, Name that song
  • Have a good collection of songs to keep you awake while driving
  • Don't bring sweet drinks. Drink plain water. It is also easier to clean up if they spill.
  • As you approach the rest areas on the highway, ask if they need to use the bathroom. If not, 3 minutes after you drive by it, they will say "mom, I need to go".
  • Have a bag in the car for garbage.
  • Make sure you pop the hood and give your car a check before traveling. Put air in your spare tyre.
  • Teach your children to pack their own bag. Of course, if you let them do it on their own, check what they are packing.
AND the most important traveling tip I just learned:

Yup, we left without D2's bag of clothes. We got here to my in-laws, D2 went to take a bath and BAM, I realized we didn't take his bag along. Well, true to tradition, he's got new clothes for Chinese New Year this year.

Here's wishing everyone a Happy Rabbit Year! Let's all hoppity hop to the bank with fat checks.
Good health, peace and prosperity to all.

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