Friday, February 18, 2011

School Blues

Attending school is not always good for the kids. More and more people are opting to homeschool. Well, here are more reasons why school is not always the best answer.
  • Unfair punishments. School teachers have so many children to deal with, they don't really have time to deal with your excuses, even if they are legit.
    My daughter was told to write 200 lines "saya mesti bawa buku muzik" (I must bring my music book) by her teacher. The truth is, she didn't forget to bring the book. She had already packed it in her school bag, but her brother wanted to see the picture of the dancing frogs she drew. He took the book out and didn't put it back. So, K went to school without the book. Teacher wanted to check if they had drawn the frogs. K didn't have the book, hence the punishment of writing 200 lines. Poor girl! Poor brother also had to face a very angry jie-jie.
    I'm not slamming the teacher. It is just one of those things that comes with going to school.

  • Silly requests.
    My daughter said her math teacher asked them to use a "normal" pencil. They are not allowed to use mechanical pencil, 2B pencil or HB pencil. She says it is too dark. Errr... I am at a lost here. Besides 2B and HB, I don't know what other kinds of pencils there are.
    Sigh! Dear teacher, better you be specific what they CAN use, instead of telling them what they CANNOT use.

  • Rigid way of doing things.
    Each teacher have their own style and preferences. For example, K1 has to leave 3 lines between each sum. After doing her work, she proceeded to show me how she can only do 2 sums per page. There were plenty of lines towards the bottom of the page, but she can't fit another sum there because she has to have that 3 line spacing. So, what was my daughter trying to tell me? She was trying to tell me what a waste of paper.

    When doing double digit additions, D1 was told not to write the "carry" number. Like in 59 + 36, you would add the 9+6=15, write 5 and carry 1. Teacher said to "carry" the number in his head. Well, it got lost in his head I guess because he had quite a few sums wrong due to not adding the "carry" number.

    Plus, the kids are so scared of the teacher, they will obediently follow the teacher's way even if it doesn't make sense or doesn't work for them.

  • Beware of thieves.
    K1 came home yesterday and told me how a girl's text book was stolen during recess time. Many of the other kids' bags were opened. Teacher advised the students to get locks for their bags. Sigh! I bet you the day they start selling school bags with combination locks is not far away.

  • Very heavy school bag.
    Plus the bags don't last very long. 3 months into the school year, it looks like it's been through torture - strap coming loose, tiny holes waiting to become bigger holes.
Well, these are just some of the school blues my kids are facing.

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  1. Hi Lian, one good mother is worth a hundred teachers.
    But I guess sometimes teachers are not given the proper training, especially with young kids.

    But not to worry, kids will survive.
    I was all teachers well my mother holds the all time record for the most letters sent by teachers and principals, none praising me....
    all with similar messages, "your son has no hope, no future"!

    I never did well in school, and my maths exams results just a toe over the Equator....
    I failed my Arts......but 15 years later 7 of of my oil paintings was on display at Dewan Tunku Abdul Rahman.
    As well I sold several to Australians, to England, etc.
    Each about $2000!

    But all the time my mother knew I will someday, one day exceed her expectations.
    And yes, I did....I grew up.

    My mother cried the day she was at the airport to see her only son walking towards a company Corporate jet flying off to a foreign country on business waving back.
    A son who never did very well in school had reached the stars.

    You have a pleasant weekend, and I'm sure your kids will do well.
    Best regards, Lee.

  2. So inspiring Uncle Lee. I bet your mother has lots of good stories to tell about you.


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