Wednesday, February 09, 2011

How To Organize A Stress Free Birthday Party For Your Kid

Thinking of throwing a birthday party for your kid? Well, it doesn't have to be stressful. You just need to be a little organized. Here is a quick check list that will help you put together a successful kids birthday party.
  1. Decide on a theme.
    The theme of the party will greatly depend on the age of the child. For one year olds, it is best to have a theme that everyone can relate to. In short, you can come up with a general theme such as your kid's favorite character or TV show and the like. For older kids, you can ask them what they want for their party. If they have not decided yet, suggest kiddie themes such as Harry Potter theme, Pirates theme or Cowboys' theme for the boys. For the girls, you can suggest Fairy theme or Princess theme. Once you were able to come up with the theme, the rest of the steps will follow.

  2. Estimate how many people, including kids, in your guest list.
    This is the next best thing to do after the theme. You can start with the immediate family members, cousins, uncles and aunties, grandparents, god parents. Then, the friends of your child in the neighborhood and his or her classmates if he or she is already in school. Knowing how many people will be attending will give you an idea how big the party that you need to prepare is.

  3. Find a fitting venue.
    For some parents, their home is the most fitting venue for small parties. But if there will be many guests, it is best to find a location where everybody can move freely. You can consider the nearby theme park or a playhouse inside a mall for the location. In choosing a venue, always take note of the convenience of the attendees, wherein majority of which is kids.

  4. Set the time.
    Most birthday parties are usually set in the afternoon when everybody has rested. But, depending on the availability of your guests as well as of the venue, you can schedule it earlier, like before lunchtime or during lunch itself.

  5. Do the invitation and send it in advance.
    You can make your own invitations that bears the motif of the theme or you can buy ready made ones from craft stores. The most important thing is that you have sent it in advance so they the parents of the attendees can arrange their schedules.

  6. Call parents of the children to be invited.
    This is also one good way of knowing how many attendees will be there and if there are necessary preparations for the child guest.

  7. List down the foods you can prepare.
    Depending on the number of guests, you can make a tentative list of the foods to be prepared. In the menu, make sure to make the selections children-friendly.

  8. Make a list of supplies and decorations needed.
    This is also important so you won't have to cram when the day comes. If possible, decorate the venue a day ahead so you won't have to worry about it when the date comes.

  9. Create a program flow.
    Young attendees during kids birthday parties can be unruly. To maintain orderliness, try to come up with a program so they will know what to do.
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  1. What was your favorite birthday party? I can still remember my fourth birthday party as a really special day. Maybe because there are lots of pictures of it, but I remember how excited I was that we were all getting candy necklaces — you know, the kind where you can nibble off one “jewel” at a time.
    Party hats were also a big deal, the pointy ones with the uncomfortable elastic string under your chin that signaled it was going to be cake time. I remember playing games outside in my sailor jumpsuit and best of all, the Steiff ride-on pony that would remain one of my favorite toys of all time.

  2. Shell Art. If you live by the ocean, you can collect seashells (or buy them at the craft store). Have a small box for each child to decorate with glue. You can also glue shells to frames and then send the child a picture from the party to put in their custom-made frame.
    Activities. Ogo Sport Super Sports Disk (OgoSport, $39.98). This looks like a mini-trampoline with a mesh net in the center that produces a great bounce for balls, Kooshes or even water balloons. Comes in 20" and 12" disks (for younger players, the bigger size is easier to use). Play solo or buy the double set for great toss games.


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