Friday, January 13, 2006

I'm A Boy!

Venue: Post Office

Post office lady: How old is he? (Referring to my son sitting on the counter top)
Me: Two plus.
Post office lady: Boy or girl?
Me: He's a boy (Huh? Not obvious enough ah. )
Me: Damus, are you a boy or girl?
Damus: I'm a boy. I have koo-koo (referring to his manly thing).

I'm glad to see our first biology lesson had been well learned.


  1. what a coincidence that we are all taking about boys and girls at nearly the same time :)

  2. 2 years old and they cant tell whether damus isa boy or a girl...?

  3. Ha ha ha... your Damus is really cute ;-) I wonder how did the lady response when Damus told her he has koo-koo (^^)

  4. Hah? She doesn't even know the difference? Or was she trying to create a conversation..? LOL. Bad start! especially with Damus reply... :)

  5. Two little fellas:
    As our children grow, the "girls and boys" characteristics become more prominent.

    That's what I thought! And he doesn't even look girl.

    Princess Yoyo:
    Luckily she had gone back to doing her work and didn't seem to have heard that last bit. Hehehe.

    I dunnolah whether it was just trying to make conversation or not. Maybe at some point in her life she had made wrong gender guesses before and so now play more cautious. Anyway, it was just humorous to me.

  6. oh koo-koo! my vocabulary has been enhanced by damus :D
    so funny, these conversations are. glad someone like you note it!

  7. Hi rocksea,
    Glad my little boy has contributed to your vocabulary. Hehehe. These conversations are the highlights of my day. Life is brighter when there's humor.


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