Friday, January 13, 2006

Karina's Message: School Blues and Chinese New Year

Karina is Value Bookshop's update specialist. Here is an update that might be of interest to parents with young children:

Karina's Korner!
(10th January 2006)

How was the first week of school for everyone? I hope it was exciting making new friends, meeting old friends, and getting to know your teachers. But I bet some of you are still pretty stressed about going to school, including parents. Well, here's 7 Stress-Saving Tips for Parents on how to beat those school blues.

Another exciting event that's coming up is Chinese New Year. GONG XI FA CAI everyone. Doesn't matter if you are not chinese, celebrate it anyway. Here are some interesting things you can do to gear up for it:

1. Paper lanterns to hang around the house.
2. Fireworks craft coz' it's illegal to play the real thing.
3. Tissue Paper Flowers to brighten the house.
4. Origami Dog to usher in the Year of the Dog.

My mom will soon be posting some books (on the bookshop) to help my young friends with their ABCs and 123s. Do check back or even better, sign up for the bookshop's newsletter (if you haven't yet) and you will know as soon as its available. By the way, if you tried signing up the last few weeks and it didn't work, please try now. We were moving server and now it's ok.

Till next time, have a fantastic and happening family reunion this Chinese New Year season.

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