Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Looking Back at 2005: October and November

Do your kids love to make paper hats? Before I found out how to origami a nice paper hat, I just swirled a piece of paper up into a cone and stapled it. But try the origami paper hat and use half of a newspaper to get it big enough to fit their heads (and yours). Plus you can turn it into a nice boat too.

October also saw Damus down with Hand, Foot and Mouth disease.

Kids love playing dress up too. Below you see Karina and her lipstick attempt. She also got her ears pierced sometime this year and loves putting different ones on. She definately has some girly instincts in her. Damus on the other hand likes to play "macho" guy. With a toy gun tucked at the back, he is ready to shoot down dinosaurs, monsters and bad guys. Violent? Yeah, a little but it seems to be a boy thing.


  1. imagine if karina REALLY marries matthew one day..that scrapbook would be soooooooo meaningful on their wedding day!!

  2. yeap, agree with mom2ashley...

  3. This is the difference between girls and boys. So young already this little girl thinking who she want to marry. Boys at that age usually don't even like girls yet! Hahahaha. I got a feeling this girl will be going through lots of boyfriends in her lifetime.


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