Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Reading Feeds A Child's Imagination

Dr. Seuss has turned out to be one of my children's favorite authors. Currently "The Cat in the Hat" is among the Top 10 on their reading list. The fact that they saw the movie with the same title has something to do with it. Anyway, here is something my girl said today that I found really funny and interesting:

Me: (Reading the Cat in the Hat and the kids filling in the last words on each sentence)
Girl: Mommy, mommy...
Me: Yes?
Girl: You know ah (almost every sentence nowadays starts with this), when you and daddy and kong-kong go out next time, the cat will come to our house. Then Damus and I will sit with nothing to do and because we don't have a fish, the hamster will talk.
Me: Hahahaha. You are really funny.

If you have ever read the book, you can see how she used the storyline, the concept and even the words to create her own make belief. This is one of those moments that make me glad that I took time out to read to the kids even when I didn't feel like it. Reading is food to a child's imagination.

I was going to include my boy's "show & tell" here but I am in the midst of figuring out the best way to showcase it. Will make it a different blog entry once I know what I'm doing.

p.s. The book is available at my bookstore. It comes with 2 other Dr. Seuss books: Green Eggs and Ham, Are You My Mother? Check out the Dr. Seuss Pack 3


  1. Dr Seuss really put creative ideas into children's head huh...

  2. your kids are pretty imaginative and do agree that reading is a BIG job to the kiddies..

    i have the 1st 2 books except "Are you my mother?"

    btw, the video clip is missing.

  3. Egghead:
    Actually, not only Dr. Seuss. The kids are constantly acting out something they have seen or read. But Dr. Seuss is fun to read. Not your regular Dick and Jane book.

    Two little fellas:
    Working on the video clip. If you are interested in getting "Are you my mother?", I have one extra that I have not put on my bookshop. The cover is not too worn and there is some writing on the fly leaf. But the important text pages are like new. If interested I will take pix for you. Price: RM8


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