Thursday, January 05, 2006

Looking Back at 2005: December and more

Finally, here is December's scrap page. DH played Santa this year. Karina has gotten over her Santa phobia whereas Damus hasn't. So fearful was he that at one point he would rather forego his gift than approach Santa. We even took him backstage later to show him who Santa really was. He was surprised but remain skeptical.

So far the scrap pages have mostly highlighted what's happening with the kids. Here are two more showcasing highlights for us adults. Here is DH and his hamsters. He says it's therapeutic.

Here is a picture of me and my long lost buddies. I have very few pictures of me these days coz' usually I am the one behind the camera. Anyway, this was a long overdue reunion. Siew Ai and me golfed together since we were juniors. Good friends but fierce rivals. She obviously continued on with her golfing journey, turning pro and being the first Malaysian women to play on the LPGA in the US. Siew Ai, Cindy and me formed the Asian Games golf team way back in 1994. Now Cindy has also decided to have a go at the Big Money too starting with the Futures Tour. Mei Yin also golfed during the junior years although not as serious. So you can see in this picture "pro golf" mingling with "pro kids". Heheheh.


  1. Wow, a fun filled, happening year huh!

    The hamster playground is real cool. Damus n daddy is really into it.

    Why quit golfing?

    Btw, youjust got tagged....

  2. Hi Geetha,
    Why quit golfing?
    1. That time in my life where family comes first. My children are worth more than the medals.
    2. You can't make money as an amateur. I had come to a dead end in my amateur golfing days.
    3. You can't make money as a professional in Malaysia. Unless I teach which is less fun then staying home and playing with my kids.

    Ok, now to check out what you tagged me with?

  3. Lian, love the scrapbook! Will the pages be printed out and kept or saved on disk or....?

    I'll work on the tag later lah. Zzzzz...

  4. Hi Min,
    Thinking of printing the pages out and binding it up but I think my little printer is not so good in printing pictures now. So at the moment just save it on CD first. Hopefully I can do this every year. It will be fun to see how the family develops plus also the physical changes over the years.


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