Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Looking Back at 2005: August and September

August is always a fun month for the children as they are August babies. I strive to make their birthdays memorable by treating them to a special outing or activity. Also I try to do my own baking. It just makes it extra special for them to know that Mom would mess up the kitchen just for them. Hehehe. Unfortunately this year we were a bit uncreative and opted for the National Zoo again. Aquaria, the indoor aquariums at KLCC just opened then and were having a special discount. So we went to that as well. But like I said in an earlier blog entry (Looking Back at 2005: May), kids will only remember things that excite them.

So let's see how well I did this year on making things memorable.
Me: Karina, what do you remember of your birthday this year?
Karina: You made me a birthday cake.
Me: (Yay! Does a little jig). What else? Do you remember going to the zoo?
Karina: Yeah and the
monkey showed us his butt.
Me: No, that was a different trip. How about the aquarium? Do you remember that?
Karina: Yea. I remember they feed the sharks and the shark tried to eat the people.
Me: Ok. (Hmm... a bit distorted her memory as the shark did not try to eat the people.)

So I have learned my lesson. Don't forget to look the eyes of your child. If you're not sure what they see, ask them. I was blinded into thinking I knew what kid's like. Obviously I have forgotten what it is like to be a child.

In September, Damus was an injury after another. For some reason he kept picking his nose and it got raw and started to bleed. He also accidently nicked his eye coz' his fingernails got a little too long. Then he fell down and scraped his knee. It was just one of those months.
Karina had trouble sitting down long enough to finish her homework. I have a strong feeling this problem will reoccur over and over again. (Read my article on homework dilemma).

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  1. wow! your DH's hamster house is huge. Doesn't it take a lot of his time cleaning it? I love hamster too but mine are all dead. :Þ Sad


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