Monday, January 02, 2006

Looking Back at 2005: June and July

I'm sure everyone is glad to have survived through another year. A new year usually brings new hopes and new resolutions. My resolution is not to have any resolution. I'm sure that is easily accomplished. Hehee.
Well, although already in a new year but I have yet to finish my "Looking Back" project. So here are the months of June and July. Here are some fun and no fun times. Kids have an innate talent to draw out various emotions in a parent. Sometimes I get frustrated, bewildered, angry, fed up but in the same 5 minutes, I am also humored, enlightened and bursting with pride and love.
Every July, our church celebrates Pioneers' Day. It's a day for us to remember the legacy of faith left by the early Saints who had to travel West by foot across the American plains. We commemorate their strength, faith and love of God that helped them overcome hardships, sacrifice, trials and tribulations. And not forgetting the support of family and friends.
How important it is for our children to choose friends and also BE a friend that is an influence for good. When they are at such a tender age, teachings on friendship must be instilled. Here is what I taught my children:

To be a friend, you should:
1. Share
2. Help
3. Play nice (no forcing them to do things they don't want)
4. Speak kind words (no teasing, be polite)
5. Compromise

At this stage, the message is that a friend is someone who shows kindness in both words and deed. Life is still simple for young children. When they move on to the world of adolescents, the simple idea of friendship can become complicated and confusing. I believe the greater message then is that a true friend is someone who is an influence for good.

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