Friday, January 20, 2006

Travel List for Chinese New Year

Once again its time to gear up for our annual trip back to Bukit Mertajam for Chinese New Year. Travelling with kids is no walk in the park. I see many of you nodding your head in agreement? A list is most crucial as it brings some order to chaos. So, let's see what my list will look like this year?

1. Potty. The first thing that will go in the car. Only toddlers have the luxury of travelling with their toilet.
2. Junk food. Not only to keep the kids quiet but also to keep the driver and co-driver awake.
3. Water. If have junk food, definately must have water.
4. Oklah, not all junk food. Cut up some fruits as well.
5. Wet cloth. Oh, this must not be overlooked. Handy for sticky hands and hot faces.
6. Children's VCDs or DVDs. This time round will be Barbie, Jurassic Park, and Jungle Book.
7. Toothbrush and toothpaste. Easily overlooked items when in a rush.
8. Books, books, books. Not just for kids, for mommy and daddy as well.
9. Toys: Blocks, dinosaurs, bingo, dragon.
10. Stationaries: recycled papers, exercise book, pencils, pens, scissors, glue.
12. Medicine bag: panadol, imodium, eno for indigestion, bandaids and most important of all, migraine pills.
13. Hats or window shades. It gets pretty hot when travelling in the day time.
14. Shoes for "kai-kai" and slippers for running around the house compound.
15. Ang pow, ang pow, ang pow.

If I've missed out anything, please let me know.
When I was younger plastic bags was a basic necessity and vital for survival as I got car sick very easily and would throw up. My brothers hate me for that.
Well, for all those that are going to "balik kampung" (return to hometown), safe travelling. Let's try not to travel at the same time and jam up the roads. Hehehe. Don't wait last minute to get your car serviced. Eat plenty, laugh plenty, give and receive lots of "ang pows" and lots of love.


  1. Wah, complete with potty also ah?

    Travelling with kids aint easy! I normally start packing the kids stuffs few days earlier.. My things, last minute also can...

  2. when i was younger, i envy those people that can "balik kampung"..but now, especially after reading your blog, i feel relief i don't have to.

    btw, one more thing to bring home- a good spirit and lots of toothy grin :)

  3. good reference for me I must say :)

  4. I've experienced a couple of trips when all the kids' and DH's stuff were complete but I forgot stuff for myself. So, double check before putting stuff into your bag.

    Masa dulu-dulu, before the PLUS highways was completed, it took approximately 5 hours to get to Ipoh. I remember many trips when we had to stop for me to throw up. Hehehe... I also remember once when I couldn't tell my mother in time and messed up myself and the car. The journey had to continue. Ewwwww!

  5. Geetha:
    Yes, lucky don't have to bring the kitchen sink. I know what you mean about extra planning for kids and last minute for our own selves.

    two little fellas:
    Yeah, I guess it can get pretty quite in the city. Sign of aging when one chooses tranquility over chaotic activity. Hehehe. If stuck in traffic jam, good spirit become tired spirit. But once it's ready to makan, spirits are back up again.

    Glad to help. After packing everything, make sure don't forget the kids :)

    That's why I must have list.
    You too the throw up kind eh? Sama geng lah. That's why I condition myself to sleep from start to finish. Luckily now no more ah.


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