Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Top 10 Reasons Not To Do Homework

This top-10 lists are real excuses from my 4 year old. How come I never thought of these when I was younger? Oh yeah, I didn't have homework at that age. Hahahah. Anyway parents, read up and get prepared.

Number 1
Me: Why have you stopped writing?
Girl: I lost my pencil. I don't know where it is?
(No joke, she really did lose it. Even I couldn't find it. Of course a parent must always be prepared with many spare pencils)

Number 2
Me: Can you start your homework now?
Girl: (Takes out her book, sits down. Writes one letter then gets up). Mom, I'm hungry. Let me eat something first ok?

Number 3
Me: Hey, where are you going? You haven't finished your work yet.
Girl: Thirsty lah.

Number 4
Me: What are you doing? Why stop again?
Girl: I'm stretching my hands.

Number 5
Girl: (With her head on the table) Mom, can I do later, I'm tired. I want to sleep.

Number 6
Girl is doing her homework. Suddenly she just falls out from her stool and starts crying.
Me: What happened? How come you can fall down?
Girl: Boo hoo. The chair push me down.
Me: Huh? The chair push you down?
(I suspect she was playing with the stool, rocking it on two legs and then fell backwards. Really hilarious. You just had to be there. Of course as her mother I tried not to laugh. HAHAHAHA. She has a tendency to blame the inanimate objects for her accidents. E.g. Mom the wall hit my head.)

Number 7
Girl: (Stops doing homework. Scissors in hand, cutting at her pants).
Me: What are you doing now?
Girl: My pants is scratchy (pointing to the label)

Number 8
Girl: (Fiddling around with the pencil sharpener for the 10th time)
Me: I wonder your homework finish first or your pencil finish first.

Number 9
Get ready for the in between news updates and broadcasts.
Girl: (Writes one letter) Mommy, you know ah, in school etc....
Me: Ok, can we continue with your work?
Girl: (Writes another letter) Mommy, you know ah, Damus etc....
Me: I see. Let's keep writing.
Girl: (Writes another letter). Mommy, afterwards don't forget etc....

Number 10
Me: Why are you not writing?
Girl: Because you are not counting for me!
(One way I motivate her to write is to count how many seconds it takes her to write one letter/word/character. We then see if the next one takes her less time, more time or the same).

Good luck parents!


  1. Very interesting, and original. Quite a kid.

  2. No. 6 is funny. Made me laugh in my cubicle.

    Can't imagine what will I be facing when my boys do their homework.

  3. very good insight and really funny. mummy must have all the patience to keep up with the play-huh?

  4. Anil:
    You mean you never used any of these excuses before? Hahahah. Yes, quite a kid I agree.

    I can't wait to see what "originals" your boys come up with. Or maybe you will be one of the lucky ones where the kids loooove to do homework. Hahaha. Got such a kid ah?

    Two little fellas,
    PLAY!??? More like torture lah. Some days boleh tahan, some days tak boleh.

  5. I find myself doing more homework now than when I was in school. Take it from me, the excuses get better as they get more practice in doing their homework.

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  6. never heard anything so hilarious and inventive "mommy, the chair is pushing me" oh!!! i cant stop laughing.. my chair is pushing me too, i will rflol!!

  7. Conclusion:
    Mummy... I am just too young for homework... I'm only four! :P

  8. Smart kid you got there. Hahaha!

  9. Matt:
    I am interested to hear what excuses you've come across. I would appreciate the warning so I can at least start planning my counter attack.

    I too was very tickled when she made that comment. Wish it was somehow caught on video. But you never know when these things happen.

    Yes, yes. I agree with your conclusion. I struggled with this issue once and came up with an articled that I titled "A Mother's Dilemma On Preschool Homework."

    Smart can be good and bad, don't you agree? Hehehe.

  10. 1 - I'll do it later. This takes various forms: its not due yet, I'll do it before I go to bed or I'm too busy

    2 - I forgot. This is a popular one.

    3 - The teacher only assigned it today. This is used for term projects. Those silly teachers

    4 - I don't care.

    5 - It doesn't affect my grade

    6 - My friend told me we don't really need to do it

  11. Hi Matt,
    I guess there really isn't a sure-work counter attack huh? Especially when the children get older and smarter. Or you wouldn't be so busy:) Thanks for sharing.

  12. My son also chooses to blame his accidents on the inanimate objects! I love how the table or railing hit his head (he certainly is not to blame).


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