Tuesday, April 19, 2011

How To Create A Homemade Easter Basket for Girls

One of the best things you can do for your children are create special memories for them. You can create a special memory this Easter by creating a special Easter basket for your children. If you have boys, you can check out my previous blog post: How To Make Your Own Easter Basket For Boys

This post is dedicated to creating Easter baskets for the princesses in your life. There are many different themes that you can use for a basket. With a little time and effort, you can have something that rivals the pre-packaged baskets from the store.

What little girl doesn't like flowers? There are any number of adorable baskets and buckets with flowers on them. You could even put her things in a clay flowerpot. Decorating a plain container with either paint or stickers can personalize it even more. You could purchase a few packages of flower seeds and kid garden tools so she can plant her own flowerbed. Chocolate roses could also be a nice touch. You can find them in most stores, or buy molds and make your own. Depending on her personality, adding some gummy worms could be fun as well. Top it all off with a new Easter bonnet that can double as a gardening hat, covered in flowers.

If she loves animals (and what little girl doesn't?), you could put together a basket featuring her favorite animal. If the animal has a distinctive pattern, such as a zebra or giraffe, you could decorate the outside of a simple basket or bucket with the same pattern. You could probably even find a stencil at your local craft store. A small stuffed version of the animal is usually easy to find, instead of using the standard Easter bunny. There are many books and movies to chose from about animals of all shapes and sizes. It should be no problem to find an enjoyable one. Of course, no matter what her favorite animal is, she'll still enjoy having a chocolate bunny in her basket.

Many girls love playing dress up and getting into mommy's makeup and clothes. Putting together some age appropriate makeup, or even play makeup for the younger girls, would be a nice treat. Add in some things for her hair, like barrettes, clips, ribbons, or headbands. A matching comb, brush, and mirror set can make a nice gift to add to the basket as well. Depending on the young lady's age, you could put in some of the candy jewelry, like necklaces and ring pops. The older girls would enjoy some fun jewelry as well.

There are many other possible themes for girls. If she collects a particular toy or figurine it can be used as a theme. Add some pretty tissue paper or Easter grass, some ribbons or bows and your basket is almost complete. There's an almost endless choice of candy out there to add for the finishing touch.

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