Thursday, April 28, 2011

How To Live Through Messy Art

It's been a while since the kids had some craft time. So, when I read Submerryn's tweet that her kids did a caterpillar craft, I thought that was perfect for my kids (this was 2 days ago).

So I cut up an egg tray, and let them lay out all the art stuff on the porch.

Of course, babyK also wanted to get in on the action. She was very "hands on", if you know what I mean.

I didn't have enough brushes, so I cut a little bit of sponge for her. But she had her own way of doing art.

I left them to their own creativity and this is what I get. Yup, I didn't know face painting was part of the agenda.

Why waste paper when you can use your body as a canvas.

So, the above is what the older siblings created.

And this is babyK's masterpiece.

Mama's Parenting Tip
  • It is not easy watching your kids make a mess of things, but once in a while it is okay. After all, it contributes to their development. They are learning. Learning can be messy (especially when babies, toddlers, and paint are involved).

  • Be prepared for the mess. Anticipate the mess but decide that you are going to permit it anyway. All in the name of education.

  • It would be ideal to put on a plastic protective covering on your messy kids during art time. If you don't have that, do the next best thing... take the shirt off (this suggestion only applies to boys and toddlers okay). If you have an old shirt you want to throw away, you can use that too.



  1. messy means is great to see all having fun especially baby K...

  2. This is so much fun, I will surely let my girls messing up with colours this Jun holiday.

  3. OMG! Faint! so messy! LoL! They sure had lots of fun! :D

  4. @Chanel: For sure with kids, messy=fun.

    @Sheoh Yan: Good luck. I'm sure they will enjoy it.

    @Merryn: It took lots of will power to NOT freak out. Lots of BIBO.


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