Monday, April 18, 2011

How To Make Your Own Easter Basket For Boys

What kid doesn't enjoy getting a basket of treats on Easter morning? Boys quickly outgrow stuffed bunnies and chicks, but still want a basket for Easter.

It can be fun to put together unique baskets for the sons, grandsons and nephews in your family. By focusing on their interests, and adding their favorite sweet treats, it can be pretty easy to put together great themed baskets.

Here are three ideas to inspire you to create your own homemade Easter baskets.

Whether the boys in your family play sports, or just enjoy watching their favorite team, a sport themed basket is sure to score big. Sports trading cards are always popular with young boys. Another easy idea is to use sports themed pencils and erasers; sometimes you can even find them for specific teams. If you are feeling creative, you can make cookies or candy with cutters or molds shaped like balls, bats and other sport equipment. Age appropriate books about their favorite sports or athletes can also be a great addition to their basket. If you buy a simple bucket, it can be decorated to fit the theme either with paint or stickers. One suggestion would be to draw lines on the outside of a bucket to look like a basketball hoop.

Boys of all ages love cars and trucks. A few small cars or trucks are a great gift idea. Older boys might enjoy putting together models. There are many nice snap-together models that don't require any glue or painting. If your boy enjoys drawing, there are books that can teach them how to draw and design their own cars. Car shaped cookies and candy can be fun. Remote control cars are also a great gift. There are even a number of kid friendly movies about cars out there. A cute basket could be made from a new NASCAR trashcan.

Do you have a future scientist in your family? An archeologist? Putting together a science-themed kit is as easy as one, two, three. Find a few simple things, like a magnifying glass, small telescope, possibly some rocks, . Plastic dinosaurs are always popular. There are even kits you can find where the kids can "dig up" bones just like an archeologist. Adding dinosaur cookies and bug shaped candy provide the finishing touch. A book with kid-friendly experiments done with household items can be a great gift that is fun for the whole family.

Putting together your own Easter basket is not only fun, it is a more personal gift. With some smart shopping, it can be less expensive than the pre-packaged ones as well. It is easy to adapt any boy's interests into a nice gift for Easter.

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