Tuesday, April 05, 2011

We Have Baby Rabbits Again

We finally have 2 baby rabbits that didn't die on us. The last time we thought we had a surviving baby rabbit (we named it Champ), it died the day after I blogged about it. I hope I'm not jinxing the rabbits by writing about them here :)

This time, I didn't bother to wash them up after they emerged from their burrow. They were really dirty, full of mud. But we decided we were going to let them be. Only recently have we took them out to play and pet. It's been about 2 weeks already since they came out of their burrow. They are definitely weened from their mother. They can eat on their own now.

So, we would like to introduce you to "Blackey" and "Oreo". I think you can figure out which is which.

Mommy and baby. Mommy's name is "Fei Poh" which means "Fat Lady" in cantonese. She was quite fat when we found her.

Can you see how the rabbits cover up the burrow?

My Interpretation Of What A Covered Burrow Means
That usually means they've already given birth. Actually, that's just my guess. I've notice that they will dig, dig, dig a burrow. Then they will go round collecting grass. They'll also pluck out some of their fur. After that, I will find that the burrow is covered back up. About a month later, I'll find the burrow uncovered and 1 or 2 baby rabbits hopping around.

The thing that puzzles me the most is... how in the world do they feed their babies? The burrows always seems covered to me. But then, I don't watch what them 24 hours. Heheheh. So who knows, maybe they dig back into the burrows at night. Obviously they must be doing something right for the babies to grow.

I noticed these 2 surviving baby rabbits went back to their burrows to sleep, hide or whatever. I'm guessing that the burrow is important to their survival. I know, it sounds like a "duh" statement. I guess I'm saying that I've learned my lesson NOT to take the babies out until they are much older; until I can see them feeding themselves; until they are much stronger.

At one point, we didn't see Blackey for 1 whole week. We thought he had died or escaped from the hut. When we saw him again coming out from the burrow, he was already significantly bigger. It was difficult to spot him after that coz' he kept running back into the burrow. So yeah, the burrow is important.

Anyway, thanks for listening to my rabbit story. We are just happy to have 2 cute bunnies to play with.

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  1. Oh they are so sweet, i hope they will live a lot of years. I want so much to have my rabbit :)

  2. I have been searching everywhere for info on burrowing, Your blog is the closest I have come to an answer. My bunny dug this big long hole deeper than I can see and she can go down in and out of site. It took about 3 days to dig it, then this morning it was still there and this afternoon it was totally covered over. Most of the day it stay covered when I patted it it was solid. Then tonight it was open again and neat an tidy. she spreads the dirt out so it is not in a pile. I wonder if she has babies down there. How do they breath? if they are covered up all day. The other problem I have is the hole is inside the chicken coop under my nesting boxes. So now I am torn I dont want to lock her out of there at night but the chicken need to be locked up at night. ARGH silly bunny not sure what to do? My male doesnt do anything with this hole (burrow). Any thoughts?

  3. Hi Tricia,
    You are right that there's not much info on burrowing. Yup, the holes they dig are quite deep. I guess they've had their babies when I see them plucking out their fur and gathering grass to make a nest. It takes about 1 month before the babies emerge. I think it is okay for you to keep your rabbit out at night. Just let her back in in the morning. I read that they feed their rabbits only once a day.


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