Thursday, April 14, 2011

How To Make Your Own Convenience Foods

Child eating a veggie burger at a fast food re...Image via WikipediaHave you ever encountered a day when you didn't have time to cook a nice meal for the family? What did you do? Let's see what options are available:
  • Go out to eat
  • Drive by a fast food restaurant
  • Call for some pizza
  • Decide it's time to visit your mom, aunt, best friend etc... (whoever you think will invite you to stay for lunch/dinner)
  • Microwave one of those frozen dinners
  • See what can food you have in the pantry
All of these options just spell one thing: Convenience Foods.

Although they are great when you are in a rush, it's not very healthy and neither is it cheap.
A better option would be to make your own convenience foods.

The Happy Housewife has shared some recipes so you can make some homemade convenience foods. If you want more recipes (about 200 of them), Hillbilly Housewife has compiled that for you in her new book. Click this affiliate link of mine to get it (plus bonuses too):

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