Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Baby is 10 Months Old

Well, babyK is actually 10 1/2 months now. Still no indication that she wants to walk. Her siblings were walking at this age. BUT she can do this:

She can stand but only when we ask her to. At the moment, she is happy crawling all around.

Another trick that she has recently learned is to shake her body when she hears music. Sometimes, she will sing along. Her favorite song is "Happy Birthday". When she wants us to sing it, she will clap her hands and shake her body.

The only solids that she likes eating is "keropok", fruits, biscuits, ice cream (little bit only) and egg taufu. Not very healthy I know. But she's not into meshed-up food so I'm glad to give her whatever she wants to eat. As long as she is eating. Still fully breastfed and that is still the main source of nutrition.

She has figured out that mommy wakes up very early to go for morning walks. So she has also learned to wake up very early. Yup, she'll wake up around 6 something in the morning just so she can go walk-walk with mommy. That "sensor" of hers is very sensitive. She just knows when mommy is not sleeping next to her any more. BUT, when we try to wake her up early to go to church on Sunday, she wants to sleep in.

Will crawl to whoever holds the house keys or whoever is heading out the door.

Is she very sticky to me? YES!!!!! But recently she also shows that she wants to be with her siblings. If they are downstairs and she is upstairs, she will crawl to the staircase and yell for them. If they are in their room, she will crawl to their room and play there.

Still putting everything in her mouth. Still eating paper. Aarrgh!

This girl is getting so big. Can't believe that her 1st birthday is coming soon.

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  1. Aunty, when you wanna have a playdate lar??? Quick, quick.....before the girls start going to school and we'll never get down to it!


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