Monday, August 02, 2010

Look Ma, No Training Wheels!

We took D2 off the training wheels coz' the wheels were giving problems. You can read our encounter with "flying whales".

After 1 week of trying, D2 can now cycle on 2 wheels. No more training wheels for this fella. In the beginning, he was quite disheartened because he couldn't get it. He didn't know how to push off and his feet couldn't stay on the pedals. He also didn't know how to stop. When he wanted to stop, he would crash his bike.

Well, after some practices, he finally got it.

p.s. Just to let you know, at the end of the video, D2 falls down. But don't worry, he didn't get hurt. No cuts or bruises. He just got up and cycled away.

  • You can start teaching a 3 year old how to ride a bike on two wheels. At first I thought he may be too young. He proved me wrong.
  • If you're going to get a bike for your child, get a good one. Don't buy those cheap plastic ones. They don't last long.
  • Find out where is the nearest bicycle shop and make friends with the owner. There will be many visits to fix the bike chain, change the tires or fix the brake.
  • Don't have to give too many instructions when teaching how to ride a bike. Give a few pointers and they will figure the rest out by themselves.
  • Get your band-aids ready.
  • Give lots of encouragement. Magic phrase is "you almost got it!" That keeps them trying.

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