Saturday, August 28, 2010

Do You Get The Best Or The Worst?

When it comes to meal times, I am the last to eat. Not because I am a slow eater but because of the baby. DH and me will take turns to take care of her. So, I let him (and the kids) eat first and after he is done, I get to eat.

When you are the last one to eat, you learn a lot about your family (and maybe yourself too). How much and what kind of food they leave for you can say many things, it depends on how you interpret it.

So, as I sat down to have my dinner tonight, I was left with a fair amount of veges and 2 pieces of chicken. The 2 pieces of chicken were parts that nobody liked (even myself): chicken breast. So what are possible lessons I can learn from this:
  1. I have very selfish children. They eat the best and leave what they don't like for their mother to eat.
  2. I have spoilt my children. I always give them the best and that's why they only know how to "take" and don't know how to "give".
  3. My children don't think I am a very good parent and so don't think I deserve to have the best.
  4. I haven't taught my children properly.
  5. I need to be selfish and put aside what I want to eat first before letting them eat.
  6. I need to learn how to love eating chicken breast.
  7. I'm crazy for trying to gauge my parenting skills or how much I am loved by what my kids leave for me to eat.
Which answer will you pick?
And, if you were the last one to eat in your family, what would you get? The best or the worse?

p.s. I love my DH coz' he usually makes an effort to leave good stuff for me to eat :)


  1. number 7!!!!!! ahahahahahah. It's depressing enough to be eating last AND alone to ponder on those things. can't help but remember the malay story, "batu belah batu telangkup" bout how the mother ran to a stone to eat her up when the kids ate the food that she wanted. always thought she was a mad mommy and couldn't see the 'moral' of the story. sheesh

  2. It's the other way round for me, I am always the first to eat! And the Hubs will eat last. Does that make me a bad wife?

  3. Mom-On-The-Loose:
    Where's that stone at? Hahahaha. I agree, I'm probably going nuts.

    No, it makes you a very wise one.

  4. We all eat together, chap fun style. No one gets to pick their food as mummy gives everyone their food on their plate and they must polish it up veges and all. Haha.


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