Thursday, August 05, 2010

Nice Fruit Salad

It's been a long while since I made some fruit salad. I use to make it a lot back in 2006 when I lived in PJ and could get strawberries cheap: RM10 for three boxes. Here's my old blog post on how I used my fruit salad to teach my kids.

Anyway, I was at the store the other day and there was a good deal on strawberries and grapes. So I got some and added to the fruit salad some green and red apples too. I wanted to buy some kiwis but they were quite expensive. It would have been nice if I had some mangoes. Oh, I should have put in some bananas.

Anyway, I enjoyed it and the kids enjoyed it. I'm glad I had my little kitchen helper to cut up some of the fruits. Yes, my girl volunteered to help because she couldn't wait to eat it. If only I had a machine to peel the grapes for me.

I like my fruit salad plain. I don't add any stuff to it like evaporated milk. But I guess adding yogurt would be nice. However, it still tastes nice just plain. The different fruit flavors blend very nicely. I like to put strawberries because it gives the salad a bit of tangy taste. And the red color makes it look nice. AND the most important thing is that it's a HEALTHY dessert.

Here's me wishing for more cheap strawberry days and plenty more fruit salad desserts ahead.

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  1. This is my favourite snack forever. Healthy, juicy and full of vitamins.

  2. Thanks for the great tips. I will try yogurt instead of evaporated milk. :)


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