Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Sale on Bumbo Sitter

If you've been considering a bumbo sitter for your baby, you will want to hurry and get it at LittleWhiz while they are having their MEGA MAD MAD SALE.

The price: RM139.90
Original: 249.80
YOU SAVE: 109.90

Click this affiliate link to get it today. Offer is for limited time only:

And according to the promotion at their site, it comes with a tray too. Many mothers like the bumbo sitter because they can plop baby down and have their hands free to do stuff like folding clothes or feeding the baby. Heck, you can even use both your hands to eat. When you become a mother, that becomes a luxury. Also, baby doesn't have to lie down all the time. With the bumbo seat, they can see the world like we do.

But do be careful and still keep baby close by. Some mothers don't recommend it when baby is able to arch their backs or push up with their feet. It becomes a little dangerous then coz' baby can flip out of the seat. Also, don't put the seat on an elevated place like table or countertop.

When can you use this for your baby? When your baby is able to hold up his/her head without support.

It really is selling for a decent price. Don't forget, it comes with a tray too. So once again, here is the link. Click it and you'll be taken to the home page. You should see the bumbo seat listed there. They have many other baby things for sale too.

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