Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Baby Is 11 Months Old

New trick for this month: She is starting to point. She will point to people, to your nose, to where she wants to go, to things she wants, to something that fascinates her etc....

She loves to play with her daddy. She can say very clearly "papa". Mama sounds more like "mem mem". A combination of mommy and nen-nen I guess. Hahahah.

I can see that her ability to understand what we say has increased. For example. when we ask "where is the bird?", she will look around like searching for one. If you ask her to give you whatever she is holding, she will put her hand out to give it to you. Unless she really, really wants it than her grip is like a clamp. Die also won't let go.

If she don't want to play with what you give her, she will just throw it.

Still not friendly to the women folk.

She can suck from a straw!

Happy 11 months old girl. You're still melting us with those big eyes.


  1. totally agree....her eyes the way how she stare will melt everyone's heart....

  2. awww... what adorable eyes she has :D


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