Monday, August 16, 2010

Mom's Fruit Garden

I went to spend a day with my mom on her birthday. And we came home with some yummy fruits from her garden. I am calling it her "little orchard". My mom is really good at gardening. Unfortunately she didn't pass on that talent to me. But I still get to enjoy the "fruits of her labor". Hehehe.

This is only one part of my mom's garden. This is the side of the house. Here you will find the following fruit trees: rambutan, banana tree, custard apple (nona), jambu air (rose apples), mango and passion fruit. Outside the house, she has planted Australian custard apple. She used to have a durian tree. Ooooh, it was D24 durians too. The inside was nice and fleshy. Sadly she had to cut it down coz' of termites. She had planted a soursop tree too coz' I liked to eat it. Forgot to ask my mom if that tree is still around.

This is the front of the house. No fruit trees but plenty of flowers. This was also where I used to practice my golf. I would chip balls from one end to the other end. My brothers and I would also practice swinging the golf club out here. Mom would always complain about the big divots we made. Before golf, this was also the garden where we played badminton. We would tie a badminton net from the window grill to the fence. Nobody really wanted to play with me coz' I was too little and wasn't as clever as them in playing. Boo hoo!
Not only golf and badminton, this was also our football field. I remember my brothers playing a little hockey here too.

Anyway, back to the fruits. This was what I brought back on Saturday. My favorite Rastali bananas. Now I just wait for them to ripen.

They came from this tree and as you can see, there's still more. We didn't cut the whole bunch. What a big bunch of bananas eh? Of course-lah, what with all my mom's tender loving care.

  • Home is where mom is.
  • It's so joyful to eat produce from your own garden
  • Visit your parents often

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