Sunday, August 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Son, Happy Birthday Mom

The birthday season has started. D1 turned 7 years old. No big party. Just a special dinner of his favorite dishes. He chose a cake with a Transformer picture on top. I made our family tradition jelly cake too. We invited 5 kids in the neighbourhood come by for cake. These are kids they play with all the time. He was a very happy boy that day. See, so easy to make kids happy.

Next, was my mom's birthday. Celebrating her 69 birthday, she had many candles on her cake. Even at this age, she is still very healthy and independent. In the next blog post, I'll show you her "little orchard". My boy D2 absolutely loves this grandma of his. He will call her on the telephone almost everyday. Unfortunately she has a hard time trying to figure out what he is saying. A few days ago, his sister found a plastic bag filled with his clothes. I asked him why he put his clothes in a plastic bag. He said he packed his clothes to go stay with grandma.
Happy Birthday Amah! May you have many more happy, healthy birthdays to come.

Amah with her many candled cake. Oh, and D1 had to make one of his funny faces for the camera. That's so typical of him.

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  1. Happy Blessed Birthday to D1 and also to your mom...


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